● 3-Tesla MRI scanner (Siemens MAGNETOME Prisma)

● 64ch phased-array head & Neck coil for human study

● 20ch phased-array head & Neck coil for human study

● Customized phased-array RF coils needed for high spec animal imaging (marmoset head, macaque head) 

● Analogue data acquisition system (EMG, ECG, SpO2, HR, etc)

● Monitoring system with SpO2 sensor and two sets of internet cameras

● MR-compatible digital display and Visual stimulation projector for fMRI studies

● Audio-visual stimulation devices for fMRI studies

● Response box for fMRI studies

● Anesthesia machine (Cato, Dräger) for animal studies


We use HCP pipeline, workbench, FSL, DTI-TK, Caret, Freesurfer, Matlab, and python. 

● RIKEN-BCIL on Github