● 3-Tesla MRI scanner (Siemens MAGNETOME Prisma)

● 64ch phased-array head & Neck coil for human study

● 20ch phased-array head & Neck coil for human study

● Customized phased-array RF coils needed for high spec animal imaging (marmoset head, macaque head) 

● Analogue data acquisition system (EMG, ECG, SpO2, HR, etc)

● Monitoring system with SpO2 sensor and two sets of internet cameras

● MR-compatible digital display and Visual stimulation projector for fMRI studies

● Audio-visual stimulation devices for fMRI studies

● Response box for fMRI studies

● Anesthesia machine (Cato, Dräger) for animal studies


We use HCP pipeline, workbench, FSL, DTI-TK, Caret, Freesurfer, Matlab, and python. 

DTI tools

A set of command-line scripts for preprocesssing of diffusion MRI data and corrects for motion and distortion using fieldmap data. It is built on FSL (ver 4.1 and later). This tool was used in Hayashi et al. Mol Neurodegener 2013.